World`s Most Expensive Stamp Seals in 2010

This small stamp seal is a piece of history from Chinese Longest Serving Ruler- Qianlong of the Qing dynasty. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in April, 2010 and the price fetching HK$95.86m or US$12.4 million. It is historical white-jade stamp seals and one of the most expensive stamp seal ever sold in the 21th century that already bought in 2007 for a half price

tai shang huang character of Imperial Jade Seal

The stamp seal was a Treasure of the Emperor Emeritus and it can be verified by the tai shang huang character and a phrase from a poem of Qianlong Bingchen chun yubi that can be found on the 2 faces on the front and the back of the stamp. All that sign indicated that the little cylinder jade came from 1796.

Qianlong Bingchen chun yubi phrase

It is more than 215 years old expensive stamp seal and it is one of the best asset to save the future from uncertain economic condition beside Gold and diamonds.The buyer itself was an anonymous Asian and he ready to spend more than any Asian bidders who interest to buy the historic item too.

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