World`s Most Expensive Batman`s Comic

Batman become one of the most popular figure in the world since its first publication around 7 decades ago. Without any super powers, Batman stands against team of bad guys with all their lunatic behavior and dangerous weapons. Only with his strong physique, detective analysis, high-tech tools, Ninja`s martial arts,his fellow servant Albert, and his Bat vehicles he fight those bad people sincerely.

Batman is more than 70 years now and the first publication of this hero was a valuable asset for the world. Next, most historical and most expensive Batman`s Comic in the world

Batman #1 (Spring 1940) – $359,000

Batman #1

Inside this comic, Batman meet The Joker and Catwoman for the very first time.In this comic, Batman knows that these 2 bad guys are more than any robbers he used can easily captured once they came out from Gotham City`s bank. This rare collection comic was auctioned at Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas and the auction was closed in August 5,2010. The final price was closed to $359,000

Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) – $1,380,000

Detective Comics #27

Here`s our most expensive batman Comic and is titled detective comic. Detective Comics is older and rarer compare to Batman no 1.In this comic, Batman appears for the fist time as the guard of Gotham city. Unlike Batman no 1, Batman`s character is bit darker in this comic.

The cover was made by Bob Kane and the text was written by non credited writer Bill Finger. In 1939, a copy of this comic only worth 10 cent per copy and same as Batman #1 this comic was auctioned at Heritage Auction Galleries as well. With condition Apparent VG, Detective Comics #27 was sold for $1,075,50, on Thursday, February, 2010.

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