Top 5 Most Expensive Concert Ticket in the World

Buying the most expensive concert ticket of your favorite band or idol will always worth the price. These following concert tickets are the most expensive of all. It’s counted based on average ticket costs actually. Contrary to popular belief, recording artists cannot live off their album sales alone. In fact, about 80 percent of a band’s annual income comes from touring. They only make a small profit on album sales after managers, producers, agents, record labels and taxes take their cut.

5. Bon Jovi: $105.35

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s concert ticket is the 5th most expensive concert ticket in the world, based on our list. In 2010, the band’s world tour resulted at $20.1 million gross revenue. The average ticket cost for the tour still places the band at the bottom of the world’s 5th most expensive concert ticket, about $105.35. The band is versatile and resilient, dropping a country album in 2007 to compliment their rock albums released from 1984 to today.

4. Rolling Stones: $136.63

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones’ concert ticket is the 4th most expensive concert ticket in the world, based on our list. In 2005, the band’s “A Bigger Bang” tour resulted at $138.5 million gross revenue. It hardly comes as a surprise with over one million tickets sold loyal fans who simply can’t get enough of the band’s ageless musical idols. No wonder that their ticket becomes the world’s 4th most expensive concert ticket.

3. Paul McCartney: $288

Paul McCartney

A former member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney held a concert in 2010 with an outstanding ticket price, about $288. To buy this 3rd most expensive concert ticket, his loyal fans or The Beatles’ fans even don’t mind to spend their money on it. This world’s 3rd most expensive concert ticket even beats The Beatles’ highest-priced ticket on their American tour in 1964, only about $8.50.

2. Barbara Streisand: $300

Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand’s concert ticket is the 2nd most expensive concert ticket in the world, based on our list. In 2006, she attracts a completely different target audience than other performers. Her concert tickets were sold out at that time. She also charged an outrageous $1,530 for a front row seat to her concert in Australia. No wonder that her concert ticket costs about $300, making it the 2nd most expensive concert ticket in the world.

1. Elton John – $306 (2008)

Elton John

Elton John’s concert ticket is the world’s most expensive concert ticket, based on our list. In 2008, he held a concert which cost $306 as the ticket price. Although he and Billy Joel enjoy touring together, John actually makes more with his solo concerts. This pop music icon sells out baseball stadiums and arenas wherever he goes and fans apparently don’t mind buying the outlandishly world’s most expensive ticket.

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