Top 5 Most Expensive Beers in the World

Beer is more than liquid to cast thirst out off the throat. It is an old drink with loads of fans from different countries. View connoisseurs only want to drink the world’s best beer available in the bar and the bar give the most expensive back to them. Here are 5 most expensive beer in the world which the bar serves to them.

Tutankhamun Ale

US$52 per bottle

tutankhamun Ale

Tutankhamun Ale is brewed base on an ancient recipe found in Queen Nefertiti`s temple .It is believed that the recipe came from the time of King Tut of Egypt and the temple, that is predicted to be the house of brewery, was built by King Akenhaten, King Tut`s Herald . The brewing location of Tutankhamun ale itself is at a Cambridge laboratory. The Tutankhamun Ale is limited edition product and sold US$52 a bottle.

Samuel Adams Utopias

US $100 per bottle

samuel adam utopia

Samuel Adams Utopias is a former Guinness World record holder for the strongest beer in the world at 50 proof. The beer is sweet and is brewed with a mix of superiority hops and is packed inside a flowery copper-plated kettle. The flavor is enriched with soupcon of Oak, caramel and vanilla. Samuel Adams Utopias is a non-carbonated and better be served at room temperature. Only 8,000 Samuel Adams Utopias bottles have ever been produced.

Carlsberg Vintage 3

$348 per bottle


Carlsberg Vintage 3 is the latest vintage beer from Carlsberg group following Carlsberg Vintage 2 and Vintage 1 that was already released in 2009 and 2008. Only 1000 bottles of Carlsberg Vintage 3 were produced. This exclusive product is hand tapped and marked by the art of Kasper Bonnén and 2 selected artists from the Radiant Copenhagen project. The price of the 3 vintage beer remarks the year when the beers were launched, Carlsberg Vintage 3 is sold for 2,010 Danish kroner or US$348, Carlsberg vintage 2 is sold for 2,009 Danish Kroner, and Carlsberg Vintage 1 is sold for 2,008 Danish Kroner.

Brewdog’s “The End of History”

US $765 per bottle

Brewdog’s “The End of History”

Fact 1, Brewdog’s “The End of History” is stronger and pricier than Samuel Adams Utopias. Fact 2, It is 55 proof brew and available 11 bottles. Fact 3, each of the beer is bottled insides dried roadkill animals. 4 of the beers are encased inside gray squirrels and 7 others are packed inside dead-empty weasels. 45% of the beer contains Scottish Highland nettles and finest juniper berries.

Antarctic Nail Ale – US $800


There are only 33 Antarctic Nail Ale and they are exported directly from Nail Brewing Company in Australia. Antarctic Nail Ale , the most expensive beer in the world, is the result of factual Antarctic ice brewing. All these bottles are sold for good causes and charity. The first bottle was sold in an auction in Fremantle, Western Australia, by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It was sold to Elliot Syndicate and the money went 100% to charity. Next, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is selling bottle number 2 to 10. This time all the money goes to support anti-whaling campaign in the Antarctic Sanctuary.

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