Top 10 Most Expensive Scotches and Wine in the World

If you are alcoholic drink collector and alcoholic drink fans, educate yourself reading the top 10 most expensive scotches in the world below. The first scotch here is mere $415 a bottle. Another alcoholic beverage would throw you into a dreamland in your mind

10. A dram of Kinclaith (36-year-old) $415


Kinclaith is old single malt that is impossible to be found this time anywhere. Kinclaith came from a shutdown distillery in 1975. The last appearance of the scotch was in StripSteak Las Vegas. Here, the scotch fetched $415 on an auction.

9. Ladybank Distillery
$ 4950/membership

Ladybank distillery sales their scotch with different approached. They sale a tour packet to the distillery include with dining and accommodation for $4950. With this money, anyone could enjoy Ladybank distillery scotch countless time. Sure, until you get drunk.

8. Bruichladdich (40-year-old) U$1,970
Bruichladdich is a limited production of Bruichladdich distillery. The official of the distillery said, his company did not produce Bruichladdich more than 500 pops.

7. Bowmore 1957 (U$2,300)
Bowmore 1957 composes 40 percent alcohol volume inside. The distillery said that the scotch is the oldest production and they only distribute it in West Coast Area only.

6. Black Bowmore 1964 ($6,000)
Park Avenue Liquor shop only produces 5,812 Black Bowmore 1964. The number is big enough to fill the demand of thousand affluent liquor fans from Australia to America, From China to Arab.

5. Macallan 1928, 50-year-old ($11,900)

Macallan 1928

Macallan 1928 is an extinct scotch. Two of these scotches were sold in Mc Tear’s auction house. One of the scotch fetched £4,400 and the next one fetched £6,000

4. Balvenie Cask 191 ($13,000)
The half-century scotch is an old liquor with composition of intense alcoholic compound combine with marchphane, flavor of Sweet oak, raisins and toffee.

3. 1937 Glenfiddich ($20,000)
The scotch composes 64 years whiskey inside. The scotch is the best product of Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland.

2. The Dalmore 62 Years ($51,000)
Richard Paterson, the master blender of the scotch said the sweet liquor should be accompanied with Colombian Coffee if drinker wants to find the best moment with the scotch.

1. The Macallan 1926 ($75,000)


The most expensive scotch on the list, the Macallan 1926, came from Macallan’s Distillery. It is one and only left Macallan 1926. in 2005, a buyer from Korea purchased it for $75,000.

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