Top 10 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made

Today, Video music is an important part of new album promotion. Video Music is effective to introduce new single and increase popularity. On the following list, we are going to uncover top 10 most expensive Videos ever made in the world
10.Michael Jackson – video: Bad


“bad” was directed by famous director Marin Scorsese. The video was costing $2,2 million and debuted in June 1987
09.Celine Dion- Its All Coming back to me Now Nigel Dick directed the video, It was debuted in 29 July 1996 and the video itself was fetching $2,3 million production cost.

08. Busta Rhymes-Video Title: What`s it Gonna Be?

Busta Rhymes himself and Hype Williams directed the video. He debuted it on 12 March 1999 after spent around $2,4 million to make it

07. Mariah Carey – Heartbreaker

Brett Ratner directed the video and it was costing $2,5 million. Sony debuted the video in August 16, 1999.

06. MC Hammer – Too Legit To Quit
MC Hammer directed and featured himself on this video. It was costing beyond $2,5 million and debuted for the first time in November 1991.

05. Puff Daddy – Victory: $2,700,000+

Puff Dady Victory

On March 1998, P Daddy released the most expensive video of the year. Marcus Nispel Directed the Victory and it was costing over $2,7 million
04. Madonna – Bedtime Story: $5,000,000+ Bedtime Story was the most expensive video in 1995. Mark Romenak directed the video and it is not the only expensive Madonna music video on the list.

03. Madonna – Express Yourself: $5,000,000+

This time Madonna asked David Fincher to direct her music video. It was another Madonna’s video that costing more than $5 million. The video itself was debuted in 17 may 1989

02. Madonna – Die Another Day: $6,000,000+

Die another Day is last Madonna video on the list. Traktor Directed the video and the video itself was titled as official of James Bond Franchise Die Another Day. The first debut of the video was in 10-22-2002.

01. Michael & Janet Jackon – Scream

Scream (MJ and Janet Jackson)

Mark Romanek Directed Scream and the video was debuted in 13 June 1995. The video features Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and $7 million production cost. It s the last and most expensive music video ever made in the list.

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