Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Here`s 10 most expensive house in the world. Before we go further, I have little question for you. If you have $10 billion dollar in your bank account right now, would you like to waste 1/10 of that money to buy the Antilla`s building in Mumbai India? If the answer is NO, would you like to reconsider that decision if you are offered one of 9 beautiful houses below?

10. Dracula’s Castle in Romania

Price:$ 135 million

Dracula’s Castle

The castle has 57 rooms and 17 bedrooms with loads of antique furniture. This castle is a property of Archduke Dominic from Romania. Since 1980s this castle was employed as a public museum dedicated to Romanian Royal, King Ferdinand, and Queen Marie. Around 4 years ago, He sold the castle to public for 135 million dollar. After 2-3 years of promotion, there is no news whether the status of this property has been moved to a new owner or not.

9. Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey, UK: $139 million

Updown Court

Updown Court property is standing on 58 acres of land on Windlesham, UK. This building has 103 rooms, private cinemas, a bowling alley, a horse barn, a squash and a tennis court. The driveway is constructed with Marble and it has enough parking space to accommodate 8 limousines

8. “The Manor,” Los Angeles, US: $150 million

The Manor

The Manor is the biggest private ownership property in US. The Manor`s building covers 5248 meters square area and it is located above 4.6 hectares land. It is facilitated with bowling alley, humidity control system, security system, Tennis court, 2 swimming pools, private cinemas,and a private beauty salon and spa on the attic. As finishing touch, The Manor is adorned with orange gardens, roof garden, a classic 18th century style garden and huge parking area that is enough to park 100 cars

7. “The Pinnacle,” Montana, US: $155 million

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is the property of Tim and Edra Blixseth and it is known as the biggest property in Yellowstone Club, an exclusive private ski and gold community. It has 10 bedrooms, heated flooring system, fireplaces, a huge wine cellar, a gym, a message room and also indoor and outdoor swimming pools

6. Franchuk Villa, Kensington, United Kingdom.

Price:$161 million

Franchuk Villa

Franchuk Villa is a luxury property in Belgravia, Central London. The Victorian house property has 21,000 square feet of living space. It is the property of a Lebanon developer, Musa Salem, and he currently sold the property to Public. Musa himself bought the house from Grosvenor Estate. The Villa is six floors high that is completed with 20 foot ceilings, lavish equipments, a swimming pool in the basement, a gymnasium, a private theater, news room and spacey garage.

5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills-California, United States: $165 million

Hearst Mansion

The property is formerly the resident of U.S Newspaper mogul, William Randolph Hearst. The property is divided into 6 residences. It has 3 swimming pools, 8 fireplaces, tennis courts, a private night club, and 29 bedrooms. The house is located perfectly in the platinum triangle of Baverly Hills where famous US Figures stay such as Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and David Beckham and his wife.

4. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, US : $170 million

Fairfield Pond

Today, the house is known as the biggest residential property in US. It has 29 bedrooms, 39 Bathrooms, 5 Tennis Courts, a Bowling Alley, 91 feet long dining room and a luxury hot tub worth $150,000. It is located above 64 acres of Land and exactly in front of beautiful beachfront

3. The Penthouse, London, UK: $200 million

The Penthouse

The Penthouse is an Exclusive Apartment in Hyde Park, London. The apartment is completed with an advance security system, bulletproof window glass, iris scanner, a panic room and a private tunnel to the close hotel, Mandarin Hotel. The apartment is facilitated with large spas, squash area, wine tasting rooms and 24 hours room service

2. Villa Leopolda, Cote D’Azur, France: $506 million

Villa Leopolda

Villa Leopolda is located in Riviera behind the most beautiful beachfront in the South France. The Villa has 29,000 square ft area that is facilitated with 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a private manicured garden and swimming pools. It was built for king Leopold from Belgia and then bought by Edmund Safra. Edmund Safra inherited the building to his wife Lilly Safra after he died.

1. Antilla, Mumbai, India: $1 billion


Antilla is the house of the Director of Petrochemical Giant Reliance Industries from Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani. The building has 27 floors and 400,000 Square feet living space. This building is standing 570 feet tall and has 40,000 square feet tower. The house has 9 elevators, 6 stories parking areas and that is enough to park 168 Ambani`s cars and his family. This luxurious house has loads facilities and is maintained by 600 servants. I have no idea how much cost to pay those servants but I think that should make the house titled as the most expensive house in the world to maintain as well

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