Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

If you want to pet a new dog and plan to get one from the pet store, it is good for you to read this post. Here`s the list of top 10 most expensive Dog breed in the world. The last one, the cheapest one, is only $300. I bet your children will love it. If you want to know the species of the dog or if you have more than 300 bucks, keep reading this post and you will find 9 cute dogs , before the $300 dog, that will always be ready to be a new member of your family. The first one is the priciest one.

1. Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is a Chinese Dog breed and the size makes the dog is known as one of the largest dog in the world. The price of the dog is $350,000 and if you are not millionaire, I doubt you will ready to lose that money to get a new dog to guard your house



Rottweiler is classified into the list of one of the biggest guard dog in the world and it is also listed in the chart world`s most expensive dog breed. The price of the dog is ranging from $10,000-$15,000. It is one of the strongest dog in the world but also, one of the most loyal too

3. Yorkshire terrier

YorkShire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is small and cuddly little dog. It is favorite dog of many Hollywood celebrities and the dog is smart as well. To pet and bring the dog home, the cost is ranging from $4000-$7,000

4.Pharaoh hound

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound has an exotic figure, good instinct, and smart. The price of the dog is ranging from $2000-$3000.



Maltese is small and cute dog that always can be a best friend of children and teenager. The price of the dog is ranging from $1500-$2500.

6. Staffordshire terrier

Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire terrier sits on the 6th rank of most expensive dog breeds in the world. The dog has price tag ranging from $1000-$1300. The dog has fierce looking and I am sure it will be perfect to be employed as a guard dog

7.Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie is a loyal dog, fun, love to play and can be a best friend for to spend a weekend. To bring the dog home, the cost is around $700-$800.
8.Akita Inu


Akita Inu is a Japanese Large dog breed and it is popular in the Japan because of the loyalty, sharp instinct and social manner. The male can grow from 34–54 kg. Akita Inu is sold ranging from $500-$800.



Komondor is a big white-colored Hungarian dog breed. It has long, white and corded coat around their body. The male can weigh up to 50–60 kg. The dog is sold ranging from $400-$500.

10.Bichon Frise


Bichon Frise is the last dog on the list and it is sold ranging from $300-$500. The dog is small, cuddle, and social. As the 10th most expensive dog breed in the world, the price is not too expensive right

Let me know if you know other most expensive dog more than the first one. I will be really glad to update the post once I can find dog which is more expensive than Tibetan mastiff.

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