Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books in the World

For comic collectors, collecting an old and rare edition comic give unique sensation and pride. In the following post, we are going to explore some of the oldest comics ever been printed that are also known as some of the most expensive comic book in the world. Lets check our cheapest first

10. Amazing Fantasy, No. 15 Value: $280,000

Amazing Fantasy, No. 15

Stan Lee is the first writer of the comic. Amazing fantasy no 15 was released in August 1960s. This comic is the early birth of Spiderman and the early bird of full Spiderman comic ,the amazing Spiderman

9. Flash Comics, No. 1. Value: $289,000

Flash Comics No 1 was released in January 1940. The book is the birth of Flash comic character and Hawkman

8. More Fun Comics, No. 52 Value: $316,000

More Fun Comics, No. 52 is the last edition of “More fun comics” that was running for 12 years from 1935 to 1947

7. Batman, No. 1 Value: $359,000

Batman No 1 is the first release of full Batman character after the character retired from Detective Comics in 1940. On This first issue, we could find the first appearance or Robin Hood

6. Marvel Comics, No. 1 Value: $367,000
Marvel Comics no 1 is the first Marvel Comic that features the first appearance of the Human Torch, Masked Rider and Submariner. The first issue marks the birth of second issue that features other well-known comic character such as Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man.

5. Detective Comics, No. 1 Value: $405,000

Detective Comics, No. 1

Detective Comics No 1 was debuted in March 1937. The comic become spotlight of thousand readers since then. Marvel has released 888 Detective comic issues and it is known as the longest comic printed in American History.

4. All-American Comics, No. 16 Value: $430,000 All- American Comics no 16 marks the birth of popular comic character the Green Lantern. The character came from the idea of Bill Finger and Batman birth maker Martin Nodell

3. Superman, No. 1 Value: $671,000

Superman No 1 is the first full comic book that centers of Superman after he retired from Action Comic book.

2. Detective Comics, No. 27 Value: $1.38 million

Detective Comics 27 is the comic that debut the career of Batman. Marvel released it in May 1939 with a price tag mere 10 cents. The Book spotlight Bat-man as the greatest detective in the world
1. Action Comics, No. 1 $ 1.5 million

Action Comics, No. 1

Action Comics no 1 was born in June 1938. It features the first appearance of Superman. The book marked the era of American comic and book of Superhero. Action Comics no 1 is today most expensive comic book in the world and probably the most important book in the history of superhero Comic.

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