Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Today’s cat is part of business. Some cats are priced view hundred dollars, view thousand dollar even tens of thousand dollars depend on their rarity, their ancestor and their health. Here, we are going to discover those cats. This is top 10 most expensive cat breed in the world
1. Bengal cat

Bengal cat

Bengal cat is a hybrid-domesticated pet mixed between Asian leopard and domesticated cat. They are cuddle, playful and love to play with people and toys. In a cat market, one healthy Bengal cat is worth couple hundred to couple thousand dollars.
2. Savannah cat Savannah cat is a mid size that nicknamed wild African cat. It comes from the cross breed of serval and a domesticated feline. Savannah cat could be the most expensive cat in the world because their price range is started $2,000-$5000 up to $20,000.

3. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold is a spoiled feline. This character is one of the reasons why people love the cat. Scottish Fold is a mutated breed of wildcat. They are alert and has unique cartilage foldable eats. In a cat market, people trade the cat from couple hundred dollar to thousand dollars.

4. British Shorthair

British Shorthair is popularly known as a Bulldog cat. They are bulky, has strong legs, and brawny. They are dominant but adorable too. In the past, Roman brought the cat to Britain from their country and in Britain the cat mate with local cats. This cat has price range $500 up to a thousand dollar.

5. Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat is popular as celebrity cat or fancy cat. They have longhair, round face, small ears, and cool character. The cat has price range from $500-$2000
6. Russian Blue Russian Blue is originally coming from Arkhangelsk, Russia. They are not only cuddle but also alert, smart and their lip shapes beautiful smile on their face. The price range of Russian Blue is couple hundred bucks to two thousands dollar.

7. Maine Coon

Mine coon is a domesticated feline originally from Maine. North America. The cat has character long tail and fur. In North America, Maine coon is recognized as the oldest natural breed. In the market, the cat is sold for few hundreds dollar to $2000

8. Siamese cat

Siamese is an oriental cat that comes from unknown origin. They are active, cute and sold at price range $200-$1000

9. Manx cat

Manx Cat is unique cat with unique character short hair or without tail. They are natural mutation breed and one of the best hunters in the wild. Cat Franciers associatrion stated Manx cat is rare breed. They have price range $400-$4,000

10. Sphynx cat

Sphinx cat

The cat is nicknamed Canadian Hairless. They are active, cuddle and adorable. Since they are fur-less they need special treatment. The market price of our last most expensive cat is started from $300-$2000

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