The Most Expensive Vodka in the World

Vodka was introduced for the first time in 17th century. That time, the price of 12 liters vodka or a keg was equal to 1.5 or 2 cows. At this time, Vodka is available in many brands and varieties and the price varies depending on the packing, manufacturing and the ingredients. Some of the brands are listed on the most expensive vodka posting in here

Vodka is exported to US since decades and the sales of the alcoholic beverage surpassed other strong drinks in US for the first time in 1975.

New Vodka brand comes and goes every year and some of them are crowned as the most expensive vodkas in the world. 2 most popular expensive vodkas in the world are Stolichnaya Elit from Russia and Jean-Marc XO from French. These 2 bottles are 80-proof booze and sold for US$ 60 per 750ml bottle.

Stolichnaya Elit from Russia

Stolichnaya Elit is made of grain that passed 3 distillation and 3 filtration processes. For the Jean-Marc XO, this vodka is based on wheat that passed 9 distillation and charcoal filtering process.

Jean-Marc XO from French

Following the popularity of world’s most expensive vodka of those brands, Diva Vodka from Scotland Blackwood Distillers comes to the market with staggering labels start from US$ 70 and rising to US$ $1,060,000.

Diva Vodka

What makes the price different is the material that bottles the poisonous booze. Blackwood Distillers has prepared their diva vodka inside different bottles and consumers can pick any bottles they want start from gold studded to diamond studded bottles.

Diva vodka itself is grain based vodka which passed 3 distillations and ice filtering Nordic birch charcoal processes. The diva vodka, the most expensive vodka in the world, can make you fly high and at the same time it can make you blown away if you can’t keep the empty bottle always be with you.

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