The Most Expensive Sporting Matches in the world.

In this post we are going to talk about the most expensive sporting matches in the world. Today, meeting and matching two leading super bowl teams or English premier league teams would cost multi million dollars and the value is getting higher every year. Surprisingly, a soccer match cost between Manchester United versus Manchester city is pricier than a super bowl match between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox (cost $380 million) or Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins (cost $ 350 million).

This data came from Wall street Journal report and according to their research; a cost to invite Manchester United and Manchester City’s players on the field and to fill two coaching benches of those teams are equal to around $850 million.

Manchester United VS Manchester City’

Interestingly, this amount of money is $50 million cheaper compare to the cost to meet Manchester City and Chelsea soccer players and their assistances on the field a month ago, which cost totaling $900 million

manchester city vs chelsea

This gap occurs because English premier league and NFL has different financing system. In England, to play their soccer players, a soccer team in EPL must pay their player’s current fee on his former club and extra charges to incentive those players playing with them. This event does not appear on NFL and that what make no NFL matches recorded on top position of most expensive sporting matches in the world

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