The Most Expensive Pokemon Card in the World

Pokemon card Charizard

Nintendo bore Pokémon (Pocket monster) to set a new trend for the gaming craze and it worked just what Nintendo had expected before. It has magnetized many fans from children to adult since years and many of them are loyal and could generate their own income and use it to buy any Pokemon related collections they want. Pokémon is available in Video games format, comics, accessories, dolls, anime series and cards or most expensive pokemon cards.

Special for Pokémon cards, there are 2 legendary Pokémon cards that are listed on the book of most expensive Pokémon cards in the world. The first one, the less expensive one, is only $125. The card carries Charizard figure, a pocket monster which is characterized with a fire tail, huge power, and fire spin attack. Charizard is recorded as the 3rd most wanted Pokémon Character of all time and it is only overpowered by Pikachu and Jigglypuff. For the Pokémon Card collector, the car is worth US125 but they only pay that much if the card is a first edition release.

The second card, the much pricier one, is titled the Pikachu illustrator. Historically, the card was released as a present for the winner of Pokémon card design by CoroCoro Magazine. The magazine only released 6 Pikachu holofoil illustrator cards for 6 winners. The rarity of the card what make it very costly. In the community of Pokémon card collector, each Pokémon illustrator card is worth US$20,000. At present, this card is positioned on the first rank of most expensive Pokémon card in the world.

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