The Most Expensive NBA Ticket

The most expensive NBA ticket right now belong to the final match between Miami Heat with LA Lakers in December, 2010. The increase of the ticket price is caused by the transfer of Lebron James to Miami Heat. At the new season of NBA, the tickets was sold about $170 million.

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To all fans of Lebron, buying the most expensive NBA ticket is actually not a problem at all. They do have wills to buy it only in order to watch their basketball idol.

However, where will the tickets be sold if all of them are sold out? The fans were certainly at first worried about it. But in fact, they were not worried because there is the secondary market (which is composed of individual buyers and sellers) which serve a seat for a without-ticketed-fan. But, like I said, the price for the ticket itself is extremely expensive, about $288.

LA Lakers vs Miami Heat

This most expensive NBA ticket also make all of the fans of Lebron James feel disappointed. To get an idea of which one of the most expensive NBA ticket are valuable, a ticket search engine  generated the top 10 average listing prices by game.

One ticket values are as of October 201 and are based on current asking prices from sellers in a secondary marketplace, which may not equate to ticket face values and will fluctuate depending on demand.

Dwyane Wade vs Kobe Bryant

The other most expensive NBA ticket belong to the match of Oklahoma City where Kevin Durant plays. This team may be both the second-most exciting to watch in the league and the most expensive game with the most expensive NBA ticket, about $287.

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