The Most Expensive Headphones in the World

Headphone is classified in different categories start from the cheapest, the most popular, until the most expensive. In the family of the most expensive, there are 2 headphone brands that are not very familiar in the ear of most audiophiles in the world.

The first one can be acquired for less than US$1500 which is equal to view latest iPods or iPhones and the second one is 10 time pricier than our first most expensive headphones in the world. Let’s check out the detail of the less expensive first

ULTRASONE Edition 9 Limited Edition

ULTRASONE-Edition-9 Limited Edition S-Logic-Natural Surround Sound Headphones

The ULTRASONE Edition 9 Limited Edition uses S-Logic Natural Surround Sound, ULE technology, and it has capability to reproduces any audio file in your MP3 system into 3D sound quality. The producer claimed that the sound production of the headphone is as good as a live music concert. The eardrums pressure is lowered up to 40% or only 3-4 dB and to more minimize the risk of hearing damage, a MU Metal shield is employed and it is effectively lowering the radiation effect up to 98 percent.

The earphone will be the most popular earphone among all audiophiles in the world if it is not sold for US$ 1,499 per unit. Regrettably, that is far from the reality.



This headphone came from Sennheiser and it is not kind of headphone you can bring while biking. It came with a set of advanced vacuum tube amplifier plus an all-valve signal path with innovative electrostatic headphones corded with gold connectors. It comes with a price tag staggering US$ 15,000. The headphone is expensive and apparently the bulky design is intended for the security of the most expensive headphone in the world itself

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