The Most Expensive Easter Bunny in the World

If you want to have something collectible in the form of an animal, you should meet the most expensive Easter bunny. If you think that the body of this bunny is made from chocolate, you are wrong. This bunny reminds you in the year of 2006, when Harrod showed the world with his Lindt chocolate bunny available in double body.

Most Expensive Easter Bunny

Since the introduction of the chocolate figure, the bunny has become an icon till this present day. However, what I am talking about here is not the chocolate bunny. It is the most expensive Easter bunny which has the same dimension and weight of the chocolate rodent bunny. The weight of this most expensive Easter bunny is almost 200 grams. It has been displayed and seen by most people. Some people thinks that the design is not really great and inedible, but it looks flamboyant and luxurious. No wonder.

It’s because this most expensive Easter bunny in the world is adorned by using various kinds of precious stones. Some of the stones include the rubies, inlaid diamonds, topaz, and also citrine. The body of the frame of this most expensive Easter bunny in the world is created from 24-karat gold. It’s about $35,000 at price.

Lindt Easter Bunny

People will love to have this most expensive Easter bunny to be a great decoration for the mantel of you fireplace or the cabinet in the house. This most expensive will also be the main point in your house when your friends are coming in. Nevertheless, how can you spend lot of money to get this most expensive Easter bunny? For you who are very rich, at least the price won’t be a single problem for you right? This bunny is much valuable since it can last longer. It is constructed from gold material which will never change its look.

The function of the creature is to deliver such things on the basket to the children at home. It seems that it has similar job with Santa Clause since it gives the present a night before the holiday. Well then, are you interested to get the most expensive bunny in the world?

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