The Most Expensive Corsage in the World

The most expensive corsage ever right now belongs to the Verlingieri Lesya’s corsage. After a line of interesting products for its 20th anniversary, the brand has unveiled, not a clutch purse or shoes, but a most expensive corsage in Swarovski crystals. The new label is defined by Lever in an unusual and elegant fashion.

Most Expensive Corsage Ever

The young designer creates this most expensive corsage ever by using exquisite design and processing to high-quality materials, such as crystallized or Jacob Swaroski Schlepfer substances. With unusual designs and abstract creations, in which unusual materials are processed and combined, the artistic style of the designer Verlingieri Lessya clear.

The corsage has been one of the hottest fashion trends ever since Sarah Jessica Parker worn one in Sex and the City. There is most expensive corsage in the market. What gives this figure hugging piece of garment a rarefied status is its Swarovski makeover by Ukrainian designer Verlingieri Lesya for a brand new label, by Lever couture.

Most Expensive Corsage

This most expensive corsage is embellished with about 41,000 Swarovski crystals for an elegant look. This custom couture corsage is priced at a dazzling $10,000. Once you get the Swarovski Corsage, why not try Swarovski studded lingerie or a Swarovski Wing Leather jacket. People will never get tired of bling and that is perhaps why we continue to see these outlandish pieces of fashion.

Corsage was famous word back in the 19th century, commonly used term for a woman’s bodice or jacket. In modern usage, corsage may be confused with a corset, but we have to remember that a corset is tighter while corsage tends to be a loser fit compared to corset. A bridal corset could be called a corsage. Woman who aren’t rich enough will think twice when they want to buy this most expensive corsage ever.

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