The Most Expensive CD Player in the World

The most expensive CD player in the world right now belongs to the Metronome Technologie Kalista transport/ C2A Signature tube DAC. This CD player is also known to be the best of all. It comes as two boxes: pictures which shows the transport. The price of this most expensive CD player in the world is about $35,000.

Most Expensive CD Player

Actually, the total price of this CD player was around $70,000 when it was released, but inflation has brought the price even further up. This most expensive CD player in the world is an electronic device which plays audio Compact Discs. This CD player is often a part of home stereo system, car audio systems and personal computer.

Modern units can support other formats in addition to CDs, such as DVDs, CD-ROMS with audio files and video CDs. DJs often use this most expensive CD player in the world with an adjustable playback speed to alter the pitch of the music program. This most expensive CD player also takes a special kind of audacity for Metronome Technologie to design a fourbox, cutting-edge CD player.

Metronome Technologie Kalista

These features are dedicated to extract the most infinitesimal signal which is buried in a spinning silver disc. This CD player insists on separate, fully regulated power supplies for both the Kalista transport and C2-A Signature tube DAC, which are formidable pieces in their own right. To use these units of the most expensive CD player in the world, you should only prepare to sacrifice a considerable amount of rack space.

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