The Most Expensive Butterfly in the World

If you are a butterfly collector, you should at least have the most expensive butterfly in the world. Even though it will cost you a lot, the satisfaction is priceless. Butterfly is considered as the beautiful animal in the world. Not only women but also men have been hypnotized by the beauty of this animal. It has numerous colors like white, black, blue, purple, yellow, orange and many more.

5-winged Morpho Aurora

And this most expensive butterfly in the world has also the most beautiful color on its wings. Its name is taken by 5 Winged Morpho a. aurora x Eugenia. This most expensive butterfly in the world is included in the family of Morphidae. It originally can be found in the country of Guyana and its size is not very big for a butterfly.

This most expensive butterfly in the world measures of 8 up to 9 cm. Most of this butterfly are male, based on the enlisted product. As for the pricing cost, this most expensive butterfly in the world will cost you at least $195,000. Talking about its origin, this most expensive butterfly aren’t really from Guyana. Some statements said that it comes fro either Bolivia or Peru.

5-winged Morpho Euginia

This most expensive butterfly is sold in priciest value ever because its specimen is considered as the rare one. If some people see the ordinary butterfly, they will find 4 wings on it. But in this most expensive butterfly in the world, it has 5 wings. It will certainly attract some buyers to buy this butterfly.

To keep this most expensive butterfly, it will better to keep it in safe box. During the shipping, you will never have to worry about its protection. The box is secured by using pins as well as rubber bands. There will be no shock which can harm this most expensive butterfly specimen. Some people will think that the people who are willing to spend the high amount of cash for only a specimen must be crazy and mad.

The Specimen

However, the insect collectors will think differently. They see that this most expensive butterfly is something precious and deserved to be owned by spending large amount of money. As for the the others, it is like robbing the bank. What about you? do you want to have the most expensive butterfly in the world?

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