The Most Expensive Burgundy Wine in the World

The most expensive Burgundy wine in the world right now belongs to the 1945 Romane-Conti Wine. As you know, a bottle of wine is considered as a high-class of drinking. Some people usually drink it when having dinner in the restaurant. Dating, celebrating a birthday, or hanging out with friends or partner will be extremely perfect gathering. As for the price, this most expensive Burgundy wine is sold in an auction by Christie’s at a price of $123,919 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Romanee-Conti 1945

The scarcity of this most expensive Burgundy wine is the first reason why this product was sold in the high-rate. There were only 600 bottles of this most expensive Burgundy wine back then in the year of 1945. It got expensive becuse its historical background, which is made in the end of of the World War II.

As for the taste, this most expensive Burgundy wine has a special flavor and aroma. It was probably because of the dry and hot condition during the summer of 1945. The grapes used to make this most expensive Burgundy wine were in high-quality. Even though the grapes are available only in small crops, at least the result you will get will be the best.

Romanee-Conti 1945 and Its Box

At the auction itself, some people bid in different rates. Even the person who had purchased this most expensive Burgundy wine at the price of $123,919 remained secrets. But some stated that the person was a private wine collector coming from the United States. Back to the auction at Christie’s in Geneva, would you at least bid this most expensive wine in the world at the price of over $123,919?

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