Swiss Voile, The Most Expensive Cotton Fabric

The most expensive cotton fabric belongs to a lace called Swiss Voile. It is about $50 a yard. For non-lace cotton, the length of the fiber determines the cost. Long fiber Egyptian is softer and more durable than short fiber. Thread count is misleading. There is no concern when you purchase the luxury of this most expensive cotton fabric in the world. They are safe and all chemicals used during manufacturing process are approved.

Most Expensive Cotton Fabric

The best wedding gown are made from this most expensive cotton. Yarns look flat when stitched, no missing or broken yarns in the design. If you want to know how to recognize a polyester yarn from a rayon one of the most expensive cotton, it’s very simple. You should only take about a-hal inch of the yarn at the border of the lace and burn it with a lighter.

If after burning there is a little black ball left, then it’s polyester. If nothing is left, it’s a rayon one and the best. Now that the basics for quality base fabric and lace yarns are defined comes the design itself. The design should by all means not be produced in mass production from Asia. The design must be exclusive as a wedding is always a special event.

Swiss Voile

To be exclusive, a lace design has to be new, straight out of the design studio from the manufacturer, and this before being copied in the far East. The manufacturer should guarantee as well that the design is produced only in small bulks. Once you have spot the right lace manufacturer, the real Swiss voile, top grade yarns and exclusive designs, then you are in gear to get the most exclusive fabric for your wedding gown.

You just need to pick up the design you like. Having the right stunning fabric in hands, the yardage will become a beautiful wedding dress. When the most expensive cotton fabric is the right one, there isn’t any problem for a designer to make the most stunning ethnic gown in the World for you.

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