Most Expensive Shopping Malls in the World

It is hard to imagine a modern city without the presence of shopping malls and stores. In shopping malls, we can find loads of good stuff, new stuff, entertainment corners, and crowd of people who want to spend their monthly salary to buy all things they already saw on TV advertisement.

Still related to Shopping Malls, in this post I like to share information about one new mall in Dubai that will be the World`s most expensive shopping mall in our planet. The name of the malls is Bawadi Mall.

Bawadi Mall

Bawadi Mall is a part of Bawadai Project in DubaiLand. The construction cost is $2.7 billion and that number is larger than any budget that was used to build any shopping mall in the world include the prestigious New South China Mall in Dongguan, China.

Bawadi Mall Inside

As information, The mall is still under construction and it will be completed in 2012. When it is 100% completed, the building`s mall will cover 4-million-square-foot shopping area and this space is bigger than the shopping area of Dubai Mall in Burj Khalifa complex.

Greek dance at Bawadi Mall

Bawadi Mall will be a complete shopping mall and prestigious shopping mall complex. If you are traveling in Dubai next year, don’t miss a chance to buy a little souvenir here

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