Most Expensive Poker Set In The World

If you love playing poker and are really good at it, it is perfect time for you to make a little investment with your price money. I introduce you a gold poker set from Geoffrey Parker. As little information, Geoffrey Parker himself is a gift manufacturer from London and he knows how to help poker enthusiasts or Champions saving their glory into something they could play with.

Geoffrey Parker Poker set

Currently, Geoffrey Parker came with a new product that most people have titled the world’s most expensive poker set. The poker set come with a case made of true alligator skin completed with combination locks and hardware made of 18-karat white gold. As additional accessory, Geoffrey perfected the suede lining of the case with eighteen carats of gold and a Diamond edging.

Geoffrey Parker in 1979

Inside the exotic case, Geoffrey put 384 poker chips along with a dealer button. Each chip and dealer button is made of 18-Carat white gold ornamented with stingray skin on both side. There are different colors of chips inside the case and each edge of the chip is made of different precious stones. Geoffrey inlaid white diamond for the edge of white chips, sapphires for the blue chips, emerald for the green chips and black diamond for the black chips. Totally, Geoffrey used approximately 22,364 precious stones and diamonds totting up 1,012 Carat and four platinum-coated decks.

Last, this diamond and gold poker set is not a limited edition product and they are customizable. The denomination of the chip and the color of the case are yours. As long as you have U$7.3 million and ready to wait 6-9 months production and delivery process, the most expensive poker set in the world can be yours.

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