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Here’s the 10 most expensive speakers in the world. Speaker unit has many benefits. It is not only to loud sound production but also to transmit better sound quality. Here, I am going to present you some of the best speakers in the world base on their price. This is top 10 most expensive speakers in the world.
10. Ultimate II by Magico : $ 289,000

Ultimate II by Magico

Our first speaker composes 5 ways stereo system combines with 4-pair compression drivers and 2×2 aluminum panel (aluminum quality 6061T-6 grade). To produce one speaker of this, the maker requires 4 months.

9. Coltrane Supreme by Marten: $ 295,000

Marten Olofsson from Britain is the maker of the Supreme speaker. It comes with 4 cabinets, double speaker, double subwoofer and 10 inches ceramic bass. Each double speaker has 7 inches bass, one 7 low ranger ceramic unit, 2 inches midrange and one 1 inch diamond speaker.

8. Infinite Wisdom by Wisdom Audio: $300,000

Infinite Wisdom is a speaker unit with 8 under hung 12 inch channel compose 3 inches low frequency range. In total, it carries 16 drivers on its circuit.

7. T-1 by Tidal: $322,000

Tidal T-1 Audio System is the first speaker in the world that carries a 30mm diamond sound system with black tiles and the highest quality diaphragm on the inside.

6. Olympus Sound System “OSS” by Adam Audio: $325,000

Olympus Sound System is coming with a digital signal processor combine with 8 columns audio system, 12 amplifiers and 6×10 drivers.

5. Sphäron Excalibur by Acapella Audio Arts: $380,700

Sphäron Excalibur

Sphäron Excalibur by Acapella Audio Arts owns a 12 square meters low frequency audio speaker. It has 2 pillars with four 15 inch sub-woofer on its pillar.

4. MBX 10.9s46 by California Audio Technology: $560,000
MBX 10.9s46 is a double giant speaker unit weighting 2 tons. It is standing 12 feet tall with red Ferrari paint. Inside the unit, there is solid metal that works as the audio sound transmitter.

3. Infinite Wisdom Grande Loudspeaker by Wisdom Audio: $700,000
Infinite wisdom grade loudspeaker is a tower system audio system that stands 23 feet high and weighting nearly 2 tons. The sound must be just too great.

2. Grand Enigma by Kharma: $1,0000,000

Grand Enigma is unique stereo system. Kharma makes it once and only. It composes large speaker with the latest and highest stereo system. the only Grand enigma can be seen in Belgium

1. ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio: $2,000,000

ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio

Our World’s most expensive speaker has 4 separated dipole sub-woofer, 15 inches sub-woofer on each dipole, and twenty four 8 channels audio system with 2 band dipole per channel. It composes 68 meters long audio cables with 31,000-watt power consumption.

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