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Rich people always have its own unique style to waste their chiilout time. They have many reasons to have fun more than anyone does in the world and they own loads of money to make it. From different leisure activity they can pick, one of the activities is sailing with Yacht. There are many type of Yacht in the planet and they sure only selected the priciest on the list. On the following list, I present you 10 most expensive Yacht in the world

10. Tatoosh: $100 million


Our first and cheapest yacht in the list is belonged to Paul Allen from Microsoft. On board the 301 feet yacht, we could find 2 coppers, mini size pool, Jacuzzis, a private cinema and happy crews.
9. Annaliesse: $103 million
Annaliesse is a 280 feet yacht that can load fifty people at once. It has 15 staterooms and carries luxurious facility such as Spa, Children playground, 100 inches movie screen on the private cinema and mini sized library.

8. Alysia: $116 million Alysia is a property of Andreas Liveras, a businessperson from Greece. It is 290 feet long and it has 5 decks, Jacuzzi, even underwater scuba scooters.

7. Ecstasea: $129 million

Roman Abramovich owned the Ectase before he sold it to An American in June 2009. It is 250 feet long with Asian interior inside. The builder was Royal Van Lent who built it in 2004. On board the yacht, helipad, sauna, include Turkish bath is included. Next yacht on sixth position is belong to Roman Abramovich too.

6. Pelorus: $130 million

Abramovich bought the ship from Saudi executive who bought it from Lurssen Yard in 2003. It is 337 feet 3 inches long. In the hand of Abramovich, the ship has new helipad, more amenities and more crews up to 46 people.

5. Octopus: $200 million


Octopus is the second yacht belonged to Paul Allen in the list. It is 416 feet long; it owns 40 crews, 7 mini boats, 2 coppers and one 10 sized person submarines. It is another ship from Lurssen Yard Breemen.

4. Rising Sun: $200 Million Larry Elisson from Oracle and David Geffen own the yacht. It is 453 feet long and completed with luxuries start from Jacuzzi, Spa, a wine cellar, a private cinema and 82 cabins

3. Lady Moura: $210 million

Blohm and Voss from Germany built the ship in 1990. It is now the toy of Nasser Al-Rashid. It is so large so that doesn’t fit to enter Monte Carlo harbor. 60 crews maintain the ship and it own a unique luxury on the roof which compose artificial beachfront completed with sand, palm tree and swimming pool

2. Dubai: $350 Million
Dubai was known as Platinum or Panhandle before Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current owner of the ship, renamed it Dubai. It is 524 feet 10 inches long and 88 crews run it. The ship can board 115 visitors at once. Sure, there are many luxuries facilities on it.

1. Eclipse: $1.2 Billion


Eclipse is our most expensive yacht in the world. The owner is Roman Abramovich. It is 528 feet long and he indulges it with 2 coppers, 2 swimming pools, 3 mini boats, even a small submarine. 70 crews operate the Yacht. On board the ship, the ship has laser radar, paparazzi scanner even CCD detector.

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