Most expensive MBA programs in The World

In the post, we are going to talk about world’s most expensive MBA program. If you think Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford sale most expensive MBA program in the world than I am sorry to say that your thoughts are wrong. In this post, we present you 2 MBA programs from Wharton School that are sitting on the 1st and 2nd most expensive executive MBA program in the world.

Wharton MBA for Executives – San Francisco

Wharton MBA program Pennsylvania

Wharton MBA program is a 24 months part time programs programmed for mid-career executives or sponsored company employees. The Wharton MBA program only receives 50 students and each of the students should pay US$172,200 tuition fees and US$ 180 application fee to cover accommodations, consultations, facilities and other amenities that are not available anywhere else.

Within 2 years, roughly the students of Wharton MBA program enjoy 700 hours professor’s lectures and each of them paying around US$250 per hour for it. According to Wharton’s PR, Wharton EMBA program is a Master program that carries premium facilities such as first class accommodations, top-level professors, premium meals, and many more. Every Friday night Wharton rests all those premium students at the Hotel Le Meridian on the financial district view blocks from Wharton’s West Coast campus, San Francisco.

The Wharton campus in Philadelphia

The second Wharton’s MBA program is mere $10,000 cheaper than the first program.The second executive Wharton’s MBA program is located at Wharton’s east coast campus and the cost to attend the Master program in the campus requires $180 application fee and $162,300 tuitions charges. This 2nd Wharton’s executive Master program only receives 400 students and Wharton facilitates them with exclusive classes, first accommodations, exclusive meals, excellent professors and Wharton’s executive housing facilities every Friday. This master program racks up to $35 million revenue annually and most of them are sponsored students from 500 Fortune companies.

To complete the post of world’s most expensive MBA programs, I give you a complete list of 22 most expensive MBA programs in the world as comparison.

School Tuition/fees Application fee

1. Pennsylvania (Wharton) San Francisco, CA

Tuition fees: $172,200 . Application fees; $180

2. Pennsylvania (Wharton) Philadelphia, CA

Tuition fees:$162,300 Application fees;$180

3. Northwestern (Kelloggg) Evanston, IL

Tuition fees: $153,900 . Application fees;$150

4. Berkeley (Haas)/Columbia Berkeley, CA & New York, NY

Tuition fees: $150,000 . Application fees; $200

5. Columbia Business School New York, NY

Tuition fees: $148,320 . Application fees;$250

6. Duke (Fuqua) Global EMBA Durham, NC

Tuition fees: $146,600 . Application fees;$200

7. London Business School/Columbia London & New York

Tuition fees: $144,156 . Application fees; $260

8. New York (Stern) New York, NY

Tuition fees: $144,000 . Application fees;$215

9. Chicago (Booth) Chicago, IL

Tuition fees: $142,000 . Application fees;$100

10. Trium: NYU/LSE/HEC New York, London, Paris

Tuition fees:$140,000 . Application fees;None

11. Cornell (Johnson) Ithaca, NY

Tuition fees:$138,800. Application fees; $150

12. IMD Lausanne, Switzerland

Tuition fees: $132,500. Application fees; $210

13. Michigan (Ross) Ann Arbor, MI

Tuition fees: $130,000 . Application fees;$200

14. London/HKU/Columbia London, Hong Kong, New York

Tuition fees: $127,920 . Application fees; $200

15. Kellogg/HK Univ. of Science & Tech Evanston, IL &Hong Kong

Tuition fees: $124,500 . Application fees;$200

16. INSEAD Fontainebleau, France

Tuition fees: $122,400 . Application fees; $270

17. Southern California (Marshall) Los Angeles, LA

Tuition fees: $111,000. Application fees; $150

18. Georgetown (McDonough) Washington, D.C.

Tuition fees: $110,000 . Application fees;$175

19. Rutgers University Newark, NJ

Tuition fees:$110,000 . Application fees;$110

20. UCLA (Anderson) Los Angeles, CA

Tuition fees: $108,240. Application fees; $200

21. Pepperdine (Graziadio) Los Angeles, CA

Tuition fees: $105,650. Application fees; $100

22. Cornell/Queens Ithaca, NY & Kingston, Ontario

Tuition fees: $103,680 . Application fees;None

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