Most expensive Legs In The World

With money, we can buy everything. From many options that our money can get on the mall or merchants, buying insurance is one of it. Insurance is available in many types and Insurance Companies are literally ready to accept anything to be insured as long they see their client is insanely famous and rich. From cars to house, life to health, even from hair to legs, everything can be covered up with insurance policy. It is bit strange but it is true that some people so freak out of their legs safety so that they need to cover it with million-dollar insurance. Here, We are going to talk about view female celebrities who already made news from their decision to insure their long, smooth and beautiful legs. Sometimes celebrities are making news that make us like them more or dislike them more. Lets check our first name. This is celebrity with the most expensive legs in the world

8. Rihanna


I do not have to tell you the profile of Rihanna because I am sure you already know her more than I do. Little information that is not available on many sources is Rihanna has insured her legs a million dollar. Is she really need to do that?

7. Betty Grable Betty Grable is a former famous American singer and from her sensation, she made you know how rich she was. Rich enough to insure her legs $1.25 millions on that old time. In present days, her policy should be worth more than tens of millions

6. Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai is the only non-American Celebrity on the list. You can say she hit her home country Taiwan with her singing talent. She has insured her legs $1,4 million incase she could not perform live anymore because of losing her beautiful legs.

5. Marylin Monroe. Starting from her career to her death, everything about Marylin Monroe is full of sensation. It was all about the money and glory. One sensation she made was insurance her legs for $2,000,000

4. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a famous America supermodel and she knows exactly every centimeters of her body worth millions. For her legs, she has tagged it with $2,200,000 insurance policy. I am sure she knows the risk of losing her beautiful legs equal to losing her promising modeling career that she has build for years.

3. Tina Turner Tina Turner was a sensational American singer and one who used to earn millions every year. For her legs, she invested $3,200,000 in case accident makes her unable to stand.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is born to entertain and she can make money from her photo, music, movie, even gossip and sensation. She has been in the US American Industry and she has saved a lot. To secure her old day, she know the important of investment. $ 100 million of her saving could be found on her 2 legs.

1. Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey

Although Mariah Carey is not as popular as view years ago, she was the idol of American Music industry for more than 2 decades. She has made billion of dollar from her career and $1 billion of them is in the form of Insurance policy to protect her legs from accident. Her legs are #1st most expensive legs ever been insuranced.

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