Most Expensive Classic Camera in the World

Before the invention of modern camera and the old item known as most expensive classic camera, our old men used the camera to capture the old memories.  The camera is branded Daguerréotype Giroux camera. The inventor was a relative of Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre who invented the early technique of practical photographic processing.

Giroux Daguerreotype

In the past or around 170 years ago, the camera was popular as the most practical photo camera in the world. It is the first portable camera that could be used anywhere and everywhere.  Alphonse Giroux released it for the first time in September 1839. The camera had captured thousand important events and pioneered the invention of smaller handheld camera and digital camera.

The total production of Daguerreotype Giroux camera is unknown and only 2 copies of the camera has survived from uncountable events, wars and revolutions that occur in the past 170 years. Around a year ago, one of the survived Daguerreotype Giroux cameras landed on WestLicht camera auction together with the original manual and authentic autograph.

On the auction night, the camera heated the auction room and ended on the hand of anonymous bidder that close the auction with 732,000 Euros and additional 144,600 Euros to bring the mercury box home. The price made the camera known as the most expensive classic camera in the world.

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