Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

These are 10 wedding gowns that inspired so many women around the world. Every meters of thread on the gown, every piece of jewel that weight it, and every name behind the making of the gown makes the bridal gown became so special and expensive. Here’s Top 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world. Not all the wedding dresses below are personal property. Some are just too valuable and historical to wear.

10. Glittery Gown wedding dress

Glittery Gown-Hong kong designer

This Gown was made by a Hong Kong designer and tailor. The wedding dress is 40 lbs weigh and it is embellished with nearly 10 thousand karats of different jewels. Since it was only sold for US$130,000, It is positive that most of jewels are not diamonds

9. Victoria Beckham wedding dress

Victoria Becham wedding dress

Strapless wedding gown of Victoria Beckham is one of most inspirational wedding gown in the world and it is not rare that some women want to wear its replica version on her wedding day. Of course, it would be lots cheaper than the original one

8. Mauro Adami wedding dress

Mauro Adami Wedding dress

This wedding dress is titled platinum wedding gown and it was designed by an Italian designer, Mauro Adami. She made the gown with over 40 meters fabric, platinum accessories and silk thread. The wedding dress is worth £240,000

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding dress

Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding dress

On the wedding ceremony of Catherine zeta Jones and Michael Douglas in 2000, she wore a Christian Lacroix wedding dress worth US$ 1.5 million. The beautiful wedding dress has 6 feet long train, view diamonds, finest quality silk thread.

6. Imperial Pearl Syndicate wedding dress

Imperial Pearl Syndicate

The Imperial Pearl Syndicate is a classic wedding dress that was debuted in 1950s. It was sold for US$100,000 and weighting 27 lbs. The wedding gown is fashioned with 100,000 pearls, a silk net and satin gown. View Hollywood star who wore it was Gloria Swanson and Nina Foch

5. Melania Knauss wedding dress

Melania Knauss wedding dresss

This is a John Galliano designed wedding dress and it was worn by Melania Knauss on her wedding ceremony with Donald Trump in 2005. The weight is 50 pounds, it is tailed with 13 feet train, the gown consumed 300 feet white duchesse satin and it is finished with 1,500 of pearls, crystal and rhinestones

4. Yumi Katsura wedding gown

Yumi Katsura wedding dress

This Yumi Katsura wedding gown is adorned with 8.8k green diamond, a 5k white diamond, and 1000 pearls. Yuri used silk and satin as the basic material and the materials are stitched together with Zari ( a special type of thread made of fine silver or gold). The gown is sold for a billion yen or US$8,000,000

3. Grace Kelly wedding dress

Grace Kelly gown

Grace Kelly wedding with Prince Rainier in 1956 was historical and one of most renowned witness of the wedding was this wedding dress. It was designed by Helen rose and she used 100 yards of silk net plus 25 yards of taffeta, round collar, and one fitted bodice. Helen themed the gown with an old century design and Peau de soie fabric.

2. Renee Strausse Sparkly Wedding Gown

Renee Strausse Sparkly Wedding Gown

This Wedding dress is sparkling because the designer, Renee Strausse in collaboration with Martin Katz Jewelers, adorned the wedding dress with a US$12,000,000 worth of diamonds and Gems in 2006. It is the world’s most expensive wedding dress that can be owned by non royalties

1. Princess Diana wedding dress

Lady Diana Wedding Gown

The wedding dress of Princess Diana that was worn in 1981 was one of most famous wedding dress of all time. It was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. It is tailed with 25 feet train, adorned with crafted laces, ivory silk taffetas, and more than 10,000 pearls and sequins. The silk and train are laced manually with meters of gold thread. Although the label of the wedding dress remains uncovered, I am sure it wont be wrong to put the gown on the fist position of top 10 most expensive wedding dress in the world right.

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