Most Expensive Christmas Bauble in the World

Back to Christmas, this is one of the most beautiful and valuable Christmas Bauble in the world. It was designed and manufactured by Embee Jewels of London and 38 years old , Mark Hussey from Hallmark Jewelers. What make the Christmas Bauble special, it is encrusted with 18k of white gold and decorated with 1,578 diamonds.To imperfect its beauty, the Christmas bauble is featured with two 18-carat fat gold wire rings and 188 red rubies.

It is no doubt that this bubble is the most expensive Christmas Bauble ever created

Christmas Bauble

As a final touch, it is completed with a snowflake cut out pattern, one bespoke handmade wooden box, and a stand. Total value of this Christmas accessory is £82,000 or $136,000.

Christmas Bauble

Total time to make this valuable and most expensive Christmas accessory was a year and to fill the spirit of Christmas to the Bauble, 15% of the money from the selling was donated to the National Autistic Society (NAS) of England.

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