The Most Expensive Chinese Porcelain in the World

Qianlong Vase

The most expensive Chinese porcelain in the world right now belongs to the superb yellow ground famille-rose vase from the workshops of emperor Qianlong. This porcelain was sold out for about HK$253 million ($32.4 million) at the auction Sotheby’s. This auction was a world record for Chinese porcelain at auction and also five times the amount of its high estimation.

This most expensive Chinese porcelain was bought by Hong Kong-based collector, Alice Cheng, the sister of legendary collector and dealer Richard Chang. She and her brother have become one of the most respected names in the world of Chinese antiquities. As for herself, she said that she was happy to acquired the work for her personal collection. She also stated that having this most expensive Chinese porcelain was worth the price.

The Sotheby’s sale topped a week of auctions in Hong Kong. One of the auctions have even collectively demonstrated that Chinese collectors are prepared to pay almost anything for what they like – and what they like, above all else, seems to be work linked to Chinese history. There was even an auction sold a white jade Qianlong seal which was sold about $16 million, 2 times cheaper than the most expensive Chinese porcelain is.

Qianlong Vase
Qianlong Vase 1740

This most expensive Chinese porcelain in the world also takes its place as the second most expensive work of Chinese art ever to be sold at the auction. The record was established just this Spring in Beijing when Poly Auctions sold a masterpiece of Song Dynasty calligrapher Huang Tinjian for about $64 million, only 2 times more expensive than the price of the most expensive Chinese porcelain in the world.

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