Classical Billionaire Tourbillion, The Most Expensive Corum Watch

The most expensive corum watch is the most significant and single jewelry that can grace a man’s hand and signifies his upscale fashion and taste. If you are one who likes to flaunt your high-class taste, then going in for a Classical Billionaire Tourbillion watch should be the perfect choice for you. The watch bears the representation of a taste that is a perfect amalgamation of aristocracy with sheer contemporaneous.

Most Expensive Corum Watch

Not only differentiated from the rest due to its price ($998,000), but the style and design of this most expensive corum watch has also carved its niche that makes it a cut above from the rest. If you love pampering yourself with a grace of exclusive fashion items and carrying a handsome wallet then the most expensive corum watch is just the timepiece for you. This amazing most expensive corum watch is featured exclusively with 850 rare pieces of diamonds, and boasts of a dazzling skeleton dial that shows skeleton hour and minute hands.

This most expensive corum watch is known for preserving 90-hour power reserve and characterizes a Caliber CO-372 created by Corum and La Joux-Perret. Rightly named so, the Billionaire Tourbillion comes in many versions with price ranging from $325,000 to $998,000. Only 10 pieces are in production. With its inherent grandeur, the watch signifies the truth that it is exclusively designed for the affluent. To reinforce its enigmatic grace, a logo of a famous Swiss brand is engraved on this most expensive corum watch.

Classical Billionaire Tourbillion

Certainly having a great design, this watch is a real work of art and squeezes a series of the most leading functions a watch can have at the same time. Considering all its specialties, this wristwatch is aptly named as Classical Billionaire Tourbillion. The Long term Vision and Philosophy of CORUM is to create high-quality timepieces endowed. A “millionaire tourbillon” is handmade and its cost as the most expensive corum watch is really worth its ultra limited production.

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