Biggest and Most Expensive Gold Nugget in the world in the Last 10 years

Last year, a very rare and very difficult to uncover gold nugget was found by a land owner in northern California. It is nearly 100-troy-ounce and it was found in February 2010 in northern Mother lode Gold Rush mining camp of Washington, California.

This chunk of gold is a very rare and according to a mining geologist, Fred Holabird, the chance to find this valuable rock is one in a trillion.It is undeniable that this is the biggest and most expensive gold nugget for sold in the world right now

washington nugget bottom

The gold nugget, which also called Washington nugget, will be auctioned in Session C of the Golden West Auction by Holabird-Kagin Americana at Sacramento in March 15, 2011.

According to Fred again, the nugget is worth $250,000-$400,000. Although the nugget is not the biggest ever found in the world, the finding of this gold still a very rare news that only happen one or two in decades.


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