4 Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

On the following list, we are going to find four bathtubs that are made of material we do not commonly see in a bathtub factory. These bathtubs are unique, specially designed and rare. Now, lets us talk about four most expensive bathtubs in the world. if you have you have something to say, life experience of using one of the bathtubs below, you are welcome to share it on the comment box.

4. Water Technologies’ Red Diamond bathtub: US$47,000

Aldo Puglielli is the designer of the cheapest bathtub on the list. To make it worth more than ordinary bathtub, he embedded the product with 2 waterproof HDTV, a double 18-karat gold tub and Swarovski Crystal. Electronic apparatus he embedded inside the bathtub allows user to enjoy colorful lamps and tools massager.

3. Kallista Archaeo Copper bathtub: US$ 67,557

Kallista Archaeo Copper bathtub

Same as the name, the copper bathtub is encrusted with solid copper sized 1,5m X 0,7m. The bathtub’s maker is the same company that made the torch of liberty statue. It is pure art and carries no electrical instrument or feature.

2. Malachite Baldi bathtub: US$222,000
Malachite Baldi Bathtub is out of the hand of Luca Bojola. The bathtub is coming with expensive goodies such as malachite and turquoise. On the legs, we could find solid gold that would pop your eyes.

1. Baldi Rock Crystal bathtub: US$ 790,310

Baldi Rock Crystal bathtub

Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub has max capacity 3 people. The bathtub is 8 feet in diameter and come from the combination of Rock crystal Amazonian and other expensive material. The most expensive bathtub in the world was exhibited in Salone de Mobile.

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