2011s Most Expensive Racing Pigeon in the World

Rich people around the world share common thought about the value of rare and exclusive items and they ready to invest or spend hundreds of thousands or million of dollar for something they believed will be repurchased by other millionaire in the future.It is all abut investment for the future. A strategy to keep them keep wealthy and prosperous.

Belgium Racing Pigeon

Talk about exclusive items.Here I give you the rarest and the most expensive racing pigeon in the world. Recently, at a Belgium Auction, a highly pedigreed Belgian racing pigeon was purchased for 156,000 Euro ($ 205,000) in January 12, 2011. As information, Belgian racing pigeonis a gold breed of the pigeon racing world and it is believed that this kind species have a big opportunity to win any pigeon racing in the world.

Belgium Racing Pigeon in the Cage

Belgium Racing Pigeon in action

That night, 218 bird-colony of Belgian racing pigeons was fetched for $1.8 million.According to Karen Clifton, the executive director of the American Racing Pigeon Union, the birds were offered to the Chinese rich people because in America, this Belgian racing pigeon was only bid for $25,000 per bird.

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