The Most Expensive Fish in the World

Do you want to know what’s the most expensive fishes in the world? Our today’s most expensive thing is talking about fish. As all we know together, some fishes only have limited number and extremely hard to be breaded. This fact make them expensive and exclusive. Here we are going to talk about those most expensive fishes. First, we are to discuss Torpedo Shaped tuna.

1. Torpedo Shaped Tuna
Torpedo Shaped Tuna is a favorite high-class menus in Japan and Mumbai. in one 5 star hotel in Mumbai, This menu is named “pomfret-surmai-rawas”. It is served with Bombay fresh duck and sold for few hundreds dollar.

2. Arowana

Dragon Arowana of Aro Dynasty The Most Expensive Fish in the World

Dragon Arowana of Aro Dynasty

Arowana is technically more expensive when they are living then when they death. The most expensive Arowana in the last decade is a Dragon Arowana of Aro Dynasty-Singapore. The Dragon Arowana has unique silver mutation all over its body. In 2007, a buyer from UK proposed the fish £200,000 but they owner did not give it. He should change his mind if the fish dead of course.

3. Southern Bluefin
Southern Bluefin is a big fish that can grow more than 190kg. Their origin is in Australia waters and southern hemisphere. According to local Australia marine trade official, Southern bluefin gave $280,000,000 revenue yearly.
4. Fugu and Japan’s Bluefin Tuna

TunaMarket The Most Expensive Fish in the World

Tuna Fish Market

These 2 fishes are some of the rarest fishes to eat in Japan. In most exclusive fish restaurants in the country, Fugu is sold for $50 up to $140/fish.

At the other side, Bluefish Tuna or Hunmaguro is sold for average $100/slices or $391 per pound. The best place to find the fresh dead of the most expensive fish is in Tsukiji Central fish Market.

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